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Your health and healthcare providers are some of the most important aspects of your daily life. Today, medical professionals have at their disposal some of the most sophisticated tools for saving lives and treating desease. But sometimes, even the smallest clue can be missed.

Have you or your loved one been the victim of a mis-diagnosis or worse, medical malpractice? With the advent of 'for profit' hospitals and their staff striving to save on patient care cost, malpractice cases are constantly on the rise! More and more cases occur every day where errors, mistakes and mis-steps have been made as a result of cutting corners and cutting costs. Doctors are human too, and can easily miss a warning sign of deseases such as cancer, lime desease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or other serious complication. Don't be the next victim of such mistakes.

2ndOpinion from Doctor Patel, MD, JD is here to help you through the maze of medical terms and legalese. Our second opinion is vital to your understanding and assurance that you are getting the finest care and most reliable options for your diagnosis. Call or email us today!


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